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Counter Doors

Steel & Stainless Steel | Aluminum | Fire Rated | Automation

Counter Fire Doors

R&S Counter Fire Doors integrate the automatic fire protection system of a rolling fire door with the compact design and neat appearance of a counter door. These rated counter shutters are available in primed steel or stainless steel and with most of the same options as fire doors. Warnock Hersey 1 1/2-Hour Label or Oversize Certificate is furnished standard.

Please refer to the Listing Summary below for conditions affecting approvals by various testing agencies. Acceptance of the listing for variations in wall construction should be verified with the building authority having jurisdiction.

Fire Door Release Mechanism Detail

Listing Summary | Specifications | Options | Model Designations
Clearance Requirements | Guide & Footpiece Details | Release Devices
| Automation

Counter Fire Doors are designed to close automatically from a fully open position - activation of the closing device with the door in the down position may cause damage.

Counter Fire Doors Listing Summary

Testing Agency Warnock Hersey Underwriters Laboratories Factory Mutual
File Number WHI-495-0968 R-9560-2 J.I. 0T0H1.AC
Hourly Rating 1 1/2 Hour* 3 Hour 3 Hour
Wall Construction
Drywall or Masonry
Masonry Masonry
Jamb Type 16 ga. (min) Steel Stud,
Steel Tube, Wood Stud,
Concrete, Block, Brick
Label Size 12' Wide
9' High
72 Sq. Ft. Max.
12' Wide
7' High
84 Sq. Ft. Max.

12' Wide
7' High
84 Sq. Ft. Max.
Oversized 15' Wide
10' High
96 Sq. Ft. Max.
15' Wide
7' High
84 Sq. Ft. Max.
Not Available
* Also available with 3 Hour rating on masonry construction.
Jambs must be continuous members from floor to structured above. Sizes and attachment of members is to be determined to provide adequate mounting and support for the size and weight of the door.


Counter Fire Door Specifications

Part 1 General
1.01 Summary

A. Counter fire doors excluding design, construction and preparation of openings; finish or field painting; access panels; electrical wiring, conduit, wire, fuses and disconnect switches.

1.02 Quality Assurance
A. Certification: Counter fire doors are labeled or certified by Warnock Hersey, Underwriters Laboratories or Factory Mutual for the hourly rating, wall construction and size allowed by the listing.

Part 2 Products
2.01 Materials

A. Manufacturer: R & S Manufacturing, model L ___ Model SL ___ (for stainless)
B. Mounting: Face of wall or between-jamb
C. Operation: Push-up to 12' wide and awning crank on larger sizes is standard (awning crank should be considered when doors are to be operated over a deep counter of over 7' high). Chain hoist or motor operation are optional.
D. Automatic closing: Thermally activated by 165° fusible links, with the closing speed regulated by a governor device operative only during automatic closing.
E. Curtain: Interlocking type 18 flat slats are roll formed from (galvanized steel) (stainless steel - 12' max. width) coil. Gage of slats is as required by the listing. Endlocks are riveted to slats to maintain curtain alignment. Bottom of curtain is reinforced by a (single angle) (tubular) footpiece of material matching slats.
F. Guides: Box shape guides are formed from (steel) (stainless steel). Sizes of guides are as required by the listing.
G. Brackets: Steel plate brackets are bolted to guides to support curtain and barrel and provide mounting for hood.
H. Barrel: Steel pipe houses torsion spring assembly and supports curtain with a maximum defection of .03 inch per foot of width. Torsion springs are mounted on a continuous cold rolled steel shaft, adjustable by a tension wheel outside one bracket.
I. Hood: Formed from 24 gage (galvanized steel) (stainless steel) sheet, reinforced with tip and bottom flanges to limit deflection. A thermally released integral flame baffle is provided when required by the listing.
J. Locking: Slidebolt locks on single angle footpiece and cylinder lock on tubular footpiece.

2.02 Finish
A. Galvanized steel slats and hoods are pre-finished with a baked on grey polyester primer before forming. Steel footpiece, guides and brackets receive one coat of rust inhibiting grey primer. Exposed stainless steel provided with #4 finish.

Part 3 Execution
3.01 Installation

A. Counter fire doors are to be installed by a R & S authorized representative in accordance with R & S installation instructions and NFPA-80.

3.02 Testing
A. Counter fire doors are to be drop tested and witnessed for proper operation and full closure after installation.

3.03 Schedules
A. NFPA-80 and model code groups mandate annual inspection and testing of fire doors to check for proper operation and full closure.


Counter Fire Door Options

Smoke Detectors: photoelectric (detects smoke and heat) or ionization (detects combustion particles) require connection to a release device with compatible voltage
Release Devices: Electro-thermal and McCabe links (normally open circuits); electro-magnetic and time delay failsafe releases (normally closed circuits)
LiftMaster LM21XPBB Release Device: provides automatic closing and testing of motor operated counter fire doors upon activation by a detector or alarm; eliminates the need for mechanical release and reset unless there is a power loss; allows for a cycling sequence of the door in the event an obstruction is encountered upon closing. See - Fail Safe Devices below.
Perimeter Gasketing: brush seals factory applied to guides and footpiece, field installed on header, to aid in smoke and draft control
Vision Lites: single or multiple 4" wide cut-outs, glazed with clear wire glass (1 1/2 hour rating)
Powdercoat Finish: a durable and decorative finish for steel or aluminum surfaces. It provides longer life and requires less maintenance than a standard finish. Powder coating is available in a variety of colors for use on many products. Consult factory for color selection, applications and limitations.
VIBRATECH ® Viscous Speed Governor: available on R & S Manufacturing, Inc. fire doors for new construction and retro-fit. Viscous speed governor is a patented device allowing for a smooth and quiet descent of fire doors, replaces standard ductile iron governor, and recommended on larger certificate size fire doors, either manual or motorized operation. Viscous speed governor is U.L. listed and conforms to ASTM E152, CAN4-S104, NFPA 252, and UL 10B. Simple, maintenance-free design and construction, with a one year warranty

VIBRATECH ® Viscous Speed Governor


Counter Fire Door Model Designation

By Method of Operation - Face of Wall Mount

LFP - Push-up
LFA - Awning Crank
LFC - Chain
LFM - Motor

For Between-Jamb Mount, change letter 'F' to 'J'


Counter Fire Door Guide & Footpiece Details

Face of Wall Mounting Guide Detail
Tubular Footpiece Detail

Counter Fie Door Face of Wall Mounting


Counter Fire Door Tubular Footpiece

Between Jamb Mounting Guide Detail
Single Angle Footpiece Detail

Counter Fire Door Between Jamb Mounting

Counter Fire Door Single Angle Footpiece
#18 Flat Slat
Slat 18 Detail


Counter Fire Door Clearance Requirements

Mounting Details


Counter Fire Door Clearance Requirements



Head Room Requirements
Area Z" V"
A 12 10 1/2
B 14 12 1/2
C 15 13 1/2
D Consult Factory
Reduce 'Z' by 2" with top hood flange turned down

Side Room Requirements
Opening Width 'W' X" Y"
Thru 8' 4 1/4 4 1/4
Over 8' Thru 15' 5 1/8 5 1/8
R/H chain operation as shown - reverse 'X' & 'Y' for L/H


Fail Safe Release Devices by LiftMaster
Distributed by R&S Manufacturing, Inc.

Adjustable time delay of up to 30 seconds is standard on all models.

Model LM21XPBB: standard base model with additional relay contacts and battery back-up
Model LM21AFCB: standard base model with additional relay contacts, battery back-up and additional logic board to electrically run fire door down through motor operator avoiding mechanical release
Optional Voice Board: allows for a standard audio warning or an optional warning for specific applications

Note: for additional information please consult factory.



R&S offers Power-Master motor operators - models ' MG' & 'MJ' operators as well as a tubular motor solution for rated and non rated roll up counter door automation.

For complete information including product cut sheets please follow the links connected to the models offered above.



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